The Sam Roberts Band, hailing from north of the border in Canada, is hot!  These guys opened for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Friday, September 23rd.  They opened to a crowd that was getting impatient after braving the hard Philadelphia rain to see this band and Grace.  They didn’t disappoint as the talent of this group was ample and well executed.  The band is strong and their tunes are full and vibrant.  They command the stage and the audience listened.  The band is a typical quartet but plus one – a very able tenor sax man.  It adds the “Dave Matthews” dimension to the band and it plays well.  The sax background and the blistering solos were perfect.  The band did its job, it warmed the crowd for the headliner and they did it well.  Keep this band on your radar, they are well worth the effort and the time to see them again.