San Cisco’s Awkward – A Great Winter Companion

Words by Keanan Barbour-March

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Sitting in a cafe next to a cold window and a hot latte, San Cisco’s Awkward is a pretty great companion. One of Australia’s most reveled newer bands, their 2012 single “Awkward” hit number 7 in 2011’s triple j Hottest 100 and they’ve been touring throughout the past year promoting the new EP, which bears the same title. San Cisco’s first EP (Golden Monkey, which the song finds a place on this year’s EP as well) came out in 2011, and gave them a pretty strong entry into the music scene. They debuted in the US at CMJ Music Marathon and their Awkward EP came out officially in October and sports some pretty young kids with an interesting style.

Their Aussie surf-pop style keeps your head bobbing and spirits high and dreaming of summer times. With just enough electronica, syncopation and sing-songy interludes, the title track “Awkward” is a quick poppy song with both guy and girl vocals that mesh well. “Golden Revolver” is a driving song that hints at our current obsession with bands of the likes of Fun and others.

Girls Do Cry” is a nice upbeat song pulling in multiple guitars with lines of (maybe?) an electronic melodica pulled together with a lead vocal line that rarely deviates from more than a few notes, but it works well. I’m actually pretty in love with the outro riff and harmonies at the end of the verse. For some reason or another, it’s got something that hooks you in especially on the third chord’s alteration and slight dissonance. But at a short two minutes I’d really want some more content, especially with such an upbeat tempo – the song seems to go pretty fast.

While listening to “Reckless,” I had to double-check my playlist as I thought I was listening to Angus & Julia Stone. Or maybe Loch Lomond… Which I think demonstrates how these guys pull in a wide spread of influences and styles and put it together into a pretty solid, albeit brief, EP. All the songs are pretty short, but pretty catchy, with solid vocals and style you don’t normally expect from a younger group. Pick up a copy for some good tunes in 2013, and look for the full length in March 2013.

See San Cisco in Philadelphia at Union Transfer on February 2nd with The Vaccines.