Grammy award winning singer Sarah McLachlan gave a breathtaking performance at The Beacon Theater last night. Setting up the stage as her living room, she invited fans into a very personal place. “This new album was inspired by love. I found a good man”, she said. She continued on to say that while the context of her writing is still the same, it now brings the message of hope to the listener. Her joy could be felt throughout the whole venue as fans clapped and sang along to her songs.


She explained, “We have so many songs we want to play, we want to give you guys some of the new stuff but we’ll play some of the old as well, we promise.” Something the fans didn’t have to wait long for. Playing all her hits including “Building a Mystery”, along with others such as “Fallen” and “In The Arms Of An Angel” made the venue echo with applause. Of course, she also gave us a taste of her new album, Shine On, playing the lead single off of the album called “In Your Shoes.” The feeling in the room was flowing from somberness to joy, giving the audience a feeling of hope and faith.


With such a friendly and kind personality, she invited the winners of a contest on stage. The contest allowed winners to be invited on stage, greet Sarah and ask her any question they wanted. Greeting them with a “Hi, I’m Sarah”, made everyone laugh at the fact that she actually introduced herself. One fan in particular expressed her deep admiration and gratitude saying “I just wanted to tell you that your music has gotten me through so much, and I want to say thank you for that.” A perfect description of what her music has done for many.


In a Q&A session that was open for anyone to participate in, fans were able to write down their question on paper and she’d answer them on stage. As soon as she read the first question her response was “Woah, straight into the gutter!” The audience laughed as she read the question, “What is the color of your favorite sex toy?” Sarah jokingly replied “Nude?.. Skin tone? My favorite one is stuck to a very special man.” She continued to show how fun and playful she actually is, a wonderful surprise for fans who have never seen this side of her.


By the end of the two hour set, the audience was full of admiration for an artist who continues to thrive with talent and success even after 20 years.