Blues/Folk/Americana duo, Scot Sax & Suzie Brown are set to release their debut LP, Our Album Doesn’t Like You Either on September 25th. The ten tracks that comprise the Vanderbilt University cardiologist (Suzie) and GRAMMY winning songwriter and documentarian’s (Scot) first album together are rich with the unforgettable melodies and evocative lyrics that both artists are known for in their solo work.  Having recently relocated from Philadelphia to Nashville and become parents for the first time, the writing and recording of this debut is a natural progression in the career of this creative and driven married couple.  These ten songs are split evenly between Scot and Suzie alternating lead vocals.  When they are performed live, Scot takes guitar playing duties while Suzie successfully makes the leap from the acoustic guitar to the bass, holding down the low end with groovy rhythms.
The Suzie penned, “Jury’s Still Out,” premiered on Guitar World’s Acoustic Nationwho cheered,  “this hand-clappin’, twangified tune has Brown testifying to the fact that she’s not so good at taking advice. With some great little guitar riffs sprinkled throughout and tongue-in-cheek backing vocals, the song is 100% infectious.” And Elmore Magazine premiered Scot’s “Everybody’s Following Their Dreams” who cheered, “the punchy, in-your-face arrangement begins with a simple but profound lyrical masterpiece as Scot’s steady voice sings ‘Everybody’s chasing their dreams/I’m running from my nightmares.’ The space between verses is a breath of cool, collected rhythm, the percussion and resounding bass playing off of each other tenderly.” 
The album kicks off with Scot’s “C’Mon World” – a laid back acoustic offering challenging the world to “c’mon surprise me” before it segues into Suzie’s driving, dirty “Good Everything” celebrating “good morning, good evening, good everything” with handclaps and Scot’s complimentary harmonies. “Heaven Forbid” comes in next with Scot’s twangy lead vocal and gospel feel, citing some of the more ridiculous aspects of celebrity culture in America, he shakes his head as he sings, “Heaven forbid, we have some fun, Heaven forbid we get along, Heaven forbid we act like kids.” The blues and Hammond infused “I’ll Take It All” is Suzie’s slinky ode to an imperfect love and Scot’s Beatles inspired “I Could Write A Book” round out the album.

Sax and Brown have truly figured out how to be working musicians while raising a family, and without having to sacrifice their other pursuits, including Suzie’s medical career and Scot’s filmmaking and co-songwriting.  Only halfway through, 2015 has been a busy year for Sax and Brown – this summer, Scot’s documentary Platinum Rush, focusing on the creative drive of songwriters, premiered at the New Hope Film Festival and Suzie was tapped to speak at the TEDMED annual conference this fall along with the Surgeon General and other leaders in the medical community. In celebration of Our Album Doesn’t Like You Either Suzie and Scot will hit the road for select dates in September.

Don’t Miss Scot Sax & Suzie Brown On Tour This Fall
9.17                 Gypsy Sally’s                         Washington, DC
9.18                 Rockwood Music Hall            New York, NY

9.22                 Café 939                                  Boston, MA
9.23                 Wildcat Inn & Tavern             Jackson, NH
9.24                 Blue                                         Portland, ME
9.27                 Ardmore Music Hall               Ardmore, PA
9.28                 Dickens Parlour Theatre         Millville, DE *
* Performance following a screening of Platinum Rush