One of the cool things about what I do is talking to bands at different stages of their development. Shaika is a relatively new band based in Lancaster County. They are named after their guitarist and lead voacalist Jake Shaika and featuring Bonnie Watson on keys and vocals, Brian McCelland on bass, and Josh Brown on drums. I met up with them prior to their show last night at Chameleon Club and found out some very interesting things. For one  Jake and Bonnie are both 21 while the rhythm section of Brian and Josh are both in their mid 30s. Their musical influences cover a lot of ground. “There was the eighties thing and the punk thing and of course we listened to a lot of indie bands”, said drummer Josh Brown. Throw into the mix the fact that keyboardist Bonnie Watson is classically trained and pretty much was only focused on Bach and Chopin etc. “I could only read sheet music. Jake was the one who forced me to put away the page and play what I felt. It was quite a revelation!” Asked about what course the band intends to follow they all agreed that they want to take this thing as far as they can.”We want to build up a local fan base first”, says Jake.”I was in a punk band and we traveled up and down the East Coast playing for like 20 people at a time. It was cool but the next trip it was like the same thing.” “No one really has this new music business figured out,” says bassist Brian McCelland.”We are all kind of walking blind, tentatively checking things out.” Plans for the immediate future consist of more local shows and release of a single called, “Close Your Eyes”, that was produced by Becky Kaplan, keyboardist of the Ben Roth Band. A full album is also in the works. You can find out more about the band on their Myspace or Facebook.