Sharon Little:

She’s young, she’s blonde, she’s quirky and she writes great songs.  Sharon Little, accompanied by a lone guitar, performed at The Flash in Kennett Square last Friday as part of her current tour.  The crowd was older, older than I expected, and they responded to Sharon with applause and respect.  She captured them with her style, her outfit, her
smile, her humor and most of all with her songs.  They were happy, they were sad, they were funny and the crowd loved them. Her best tune was “Paper Dolls”, which is also the title of her upcoming CD.  It’s destined to become her signature tune. It has emotion and a message along with a solid musical foundation.  See her if you can, she’s worth the trip.

About The Flash, in Kennett Square: it’s a great place for music.  It’s small and it’s easy to feel that you’re close to the performer.  When I asked a couple of patrons why they were there to see Sharon Little they said they weren’t sure who she was but they knew The Flash always had good talent that gave excellent performances.  What better
endorsement for a music venue?  Keep your eye on their schedule, there are some great shows coming.