Photo Credit- Facebook- Everything Is Awesome 2015 Tour

Photo Credit- Facebook- Everything Is Awesome 2015 Tour

Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing is definitely one of my favorite local venues. The sand beneath your feet, skyline city lights, misty river breeze and perfect stage placement really sets the mood for all shows, festivals, etc. I’ve ever attended there. The only downfall to the place is trying to find somewhere to park, but that comes hand-in-hand with being in a major city.

Friday, July 10, 2015, was an incredibly beautiful day to host a concert at Festival Pier. The forecast called for beautiful rays during the day, a colorful sunset, and a night filled with reggae beats.

One of the longest tenured bands in the genre today, Slightly Stoopid started their extensive, Leggo Movie inspired summer tour,  “Everything Is Awesome” with Dirty Heads on July 8th in Simsbury, Connecticut. Two days later, at Festival Pier fans got an additional performance by The Expendables as well! 

The Philly show welcomed fans of all ages! I scoped out some toddlers running around, old heads, and of course all ages in between. To less of my liking, the venue seemed to be predominately packed with fans of the high school age, which called for a little more medical attention than I had seen in my recent 21 and over shows at the venue.

Slightly Stoopid took the stage at about 8:50 p.m., as the cloud of smoke above the pit began to rise. The joyful melody of ‘Dabbington’ started as the sun was in its final steps of setting, which made for really an incredible view. Stoopid didn’t play much off their newest album Meanwhile….Back At The Lab. The only couple of songs they played off of it was, to no surprise,  Dabbington and The Prophet. Majority of their songs were off their  Winter Tour 05-06 album. They mostly aimed the concert at throwbacks and heavy ganja tunes. I’d have to say they played at least one song from each of their albums throughout the night, which was pretty stellar!

They covered a crazy Stoopid amount of big namers, such as Bob Marley & The Wailers, Nirvana, Del Roy Wilson and my favorite of them all was Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself.”

The setlist was as follows: 

2am (Del Roy) 
This Joint
Running With A Gun
Ese Loco
Don’t Stop
Don’t Care 
Anywhere I Go
Ain’t Got A Lotta Money
Wicked Rebel
Call Me Crazy
Up On A Plane
Underneath The Pressure
Territorial Pissings (Nirvana)
Baby I Like It (w/ Raul Bianchi from The Expendables)
Til It Gets Wet
The Prophet
Prayer For You

Open Road
Express Yourself (Charles Wright)
Collie Man
Mr. Chatterbox (Bob Marley)


The most memorable part of the night was the last 25 minutes when the entire rest of the set was dedicated to requests. You can really tell that Slightly Stoopid loves their fan base and making them happy. Every time they spoke on stage it was to thank everyone for coming or recognize Dirty Heads and The Expendables performances!

It was a well rounded night of good vibes, good people and most of all good music!