I was watching the show on Tuesday night thinking to myself, is there such a thing as too much talent that can be under one roof in one night?  The answer to my question lies in the nearly sold out show at World Cafe featuring Desert NoisesThe Apache Relay and The Wild Feathers.   The room was packed (despite the bitter cold spell hitting Philly right now) and folks were ready for a good time.

Setlist - Photo by: Sasserath Photography

Desert Noises Setlist | Photo by: Sasserath Photography

Desert Noises took the stage first, promptly at 8pm.  This was only my second time seeing them live and they never disappoint.  For those who haven’t seen Desert Noises yet, they provide an impressively tight set.  They bring their young presence to the stage, proving how much fun they have whenever they perform, dancing around, exchanging happy glances between each other, and making sure the crowd is right along with them.  Embracing the family camaraderie of this tour, Kellen from Apache Relay and Preston of Wild Feathers joined the boys on stage for a few tunes to play along.  They ended the set with the dust stomper ‘Dime in My Pocket’ involving Kyle and Tyler abandoning their instruments, dancing, and clapping around the stage with huge smiles.  You can’t help but smile back and let it all soak in.

Apache Relay Setlist | Photo by Sasserath Photography

Apache Relay Setlist | Photo by: Sasserath Photography

Next up was The Apache Relay.  A six-piece from Nashville, TN, slaying their unique genre of Indie Roots music.  I won’t say how many times I’ve seen these guys live, but I can say they improve every time I see them, and remain one of my favorite live acts.  When going to an Apache show you know you’re going to see an album quality performance, with some of the nicest dudes on Earth. They played an equal amount of new songs off Apache Relay and older tunes from American Nomad (including Springsteen’s ’State Trooper’), they also threw in an Apache Relay-ized version of Jonathan Rice’s tune ‘Further North’.  In full, the performance was musically flawless, without much said in-between.

WF Setlist | Photos by: Sasserath Photography

The Wild Feathers Setlist | Photo by: Sasserath Photography

Finally, it was time for crowd favorites, The Wild Feathers, to take the stage.  The lengthy World Cafe stage allowed all the boys to stretch out and do their thing.  Encountering some technical difficulties early on in the set, they recovered quickly to lash out their impeccable harmonies for a full fifteen song set of sleezy country infused rock.  It’s quite unique and refreshing to have a band that will switch lead vocals between three members, Wild Feathers offers this. Something to keep things interesting.  This tour wraps up a solid year and half of touring for the band, who are ready to hit the studio when they get back home to Nashville to record the next record.  News that any eager fan is always happy to hear.


The night wrapped up with an encore featuring all fifteen members of the three bands (and naturally, some whiskey) on stage for a joint performance of The Band’s ‘The Weight,’ having more fun than words can describe.

The fab trio wrap up their roughly two month tour run on Friday in New York at Irving Plaza.  I hope everyone got a chance to check these guys out on this lengthy US journey, if not be sure to catch them next time they’re in town and pick up all their fantastic albums…Christmas is coming up after all!

Photo gallery below.  Photos by Sasserath Photography & Jake Bohem