Story by Kelly Wassinger.

Where the old Spaghetti Warehouse use to stand on 1026 Spring Garden Street now stands Union Transfer, a new music venue that caters to an all-ages policy. It normally fits 600 people but expands to a capacity of 1,000 for larger and more popular shows. This new venue was established as part of the R5 movement to create venues that do not require certain age requirements to enter. There is a separate entrance to the bar for the 21+ crowd, and they do not allow drinks to be taken any farther than the bar area or onto the floor. There is a small area in front of the bar that you can stand in if you have a drink.

City Paper described the venue as having an “epic and modern-meets-western-banker feel to it,” and it definitely had that feel to it. Built with high, intricately designed, wooden arches, and a spacious dance floor, it makes for a nice venue. There were plenty of areas to stand and watch the show without feeling crammed in or restricted and the view of the stage was good from wherever you stood.

On Tuesday November 1st, The Limousines – a San Francisco based band – performed along with Natalia Kills, Kids at the Bar and The Sounds. The Limousines consists of singer Eric Victorino, keyboard player Giovanni Gusti and – during live performances –drummer Dino Campenella. This electro-pop group began catching the eye of the public after their 2009 performance with Duran Duran. They managed to attract a crowd of 4,000 people at only their 7th gig.

They’ve performed at a number of festivals and alongside goups such as MGMT, Crystal Castles, Matt and Kim and the Flaming Lips – to name a few. The Alternative Press described their sound as “Pulsating electro-pop that goes to an 80’s prom and has the after party at a goth club.” Front man and singer Eric Victorino, combines deep lyrics dealing with human nature and struggle with catchy, up-beat electro sounds. Their most recent single, “The Internet Killed the Video Star,” off the album “Get Sharp” has over 800,000 views on Youtube and has been featured in MTV’s film “Worst. Prom. Ever.”


The Sounds, an indie rock/post-punk group, also performed Tuesday night at the Union Transfer. This Swedish based band formed in 1998 by singer Maja Ivarsson, guitar player Felix Rodriguez, keyboard/piano player Jesper Anderberg, bass player John Bengtsson and drummer Fredrik Blond. Their debut album, “Living In America”, won several “Best Newcomer” awards and won a #4 spot on the Swedish Album Charts. This band has gained considerable notice both in Europe and the US since they began back in 1998. They have played several times at Warped Tour, and in 2006, they earned a spot on the main stage. The Sounds have toured and played with artists such as Foo Fighters, Angels and Airwaves, No Doubt and Paramore.

“Our shows are energy, just pure energy…” says Rodriguez of The Sounds. The Union Transfer show was no exception. Dressed in an edgy black dress, Ivarsson gave the crowd of punk rockers and hipsters quite a bit to get excited about. Energy exuded throughout the venue while Ivarsson jumped around stage, propping limbs on various instruments and band members, all while smoking cigarettes and singing at the top of her lungs.

Upcoming shows at Union Transfer include: Rusted Root, State Radio, and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue.

Enjoy the photo gallery below.  All Photos by StSteven of aka Steven Philips.  I was able to get a few flash shots where you can see the artists.  The rest was under rather dark lighting and so faces are pretty obscured.  Enjoy.  S.