Words by The Randy Bee

It’s been quite a busy summer for the Brooklyn-based band Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds. Since their inception in 2008, this high powered funk outfit  has been working hard to get the word out. The hard work has payed off as the band has performed all over the country this festival season. Starting  with SXSW in March and going through Bonaroo and Mountain Jam, Sister Sparrow has spent a lot of time outdoors this summer.

“The festival scene has become a large part of of culture,” says lead singer Arleigh Kinchloe. “It’s  a way that folks can get together and have fun and get face to face with each other. We have played some places that were very remote and had no cell phone or internet access. You couldn’t just sit there and stay on Facebook all day. You had to interact with people and be in the moment. I like the sense of community you get at festivals. We see a lot of the same bands on the circuit and there is a closeness that develops. It’s also a wonderful way for kids to experience live music.”

Seeing live music as a kid growing up in a small town in the Catskills was key to the development of Sister Sparrow. “Our parents played in a band and my brother Jackson and I grew up watching them perform.”

Jackson plays harp in the band and along with cousin Bram form the core of Sister Sparrow.

“My father and Bram’s dad are identical twins. When Jackson and I were looking to form a band we contacted Bram to join us.” Cousin Bram brought in some musicians he knew from the West Coast and this nine piece outfit has been killin’ it ever since.

In September the band heads out to the midwest to revisit some places they have been and make some new friends as well. Later this Fall they team up with the great Seattle singer, Allen Stone, for what should be an amazing tour.

Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds play the  Kind Roots III Fest in Blain, Pa. this coming Friday the 24th. More info can be found on the band’s website.

Kind Roots III