Some Kind of Jam 6 kicked off an amazing evening of fun, even though it was missing the sun. Cloud cover, spits of rain and a gust of wind here-n-there didn’t stop SKOJ; the bands and even the fans were still having a great time at this early season kick off fest!  I half expected everyone to be huddled up in their respective camps between their favorite acts. But no. From the “Tweeners” all the way through Kung-Fu who headlined the night, the crowd was steady at both stages. There was also enough events for kids off all ages like: paints, music sessions, side walk chalk creations, and more!  The music went late into the night… or should I say morning, with the ongoing late night music and bon fires!

I awoke Saturday morning to the goofy tunes of Ratboy Jr. who was entertaining the kids while the rest of the crowd was getting there morning coffee and breakfast treats from the many vendors who had already opened their windows to feed our minds and bodies. Rolling further into the day, the bands Driftwood, Primate Fiasco, Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Psychedelphia, and the Headlocks kept the groove flowing with a full mixture of funk, jam, blues, reggae, and even the music styles from the planet Mars!  A great lineup stirred in with all the good times had by hoola hooping, hacky-sacing, noodling, tye-dying, glass blowing, and more made Saturday an overall stellar day.

After the sun went down, the crowd was anxious, but still having a great time awaiting the headliner who completely filled the stage.  Yes, The Budos Band literally FILLED the stage.  After a long couple days of cold, rain, wind and then the sun shining, The Budos kept the energy and good vibes flowing through each and every fan in the crowd.

Kudos to all who are involved with SKOJ!  Good times were had by all.

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Written By: Rich McKie

Photos By: Rich McKie