“I can almost hear people now, who died and made this guy king?” The guy is The Hooters drummer, David Uosikkinen, and the songs he explains are ones that are essential to him.”These were songs that were essential to my development as a musician.”

Uosikkinen ,who recently moved back east after twenty years on the west coast said Philly just felt like home to him.”I was blown away by the energy in the city. The music scene, the new venues and overall culture of the place. I simply fell in love.”

It is said you can never go home again, but relocating stirred up a lot of memory and inspiration in The Hooters drummer. “I can remember as a kid growing up in Levittown, PA, driving in the car with my dad and hearing, “Open My Eyes” by the Nazz. It was a killer record and made a big impression on me. That’s with this project is about, songs by Philadelphia artists that were important to me. I wanted to pay tribute to those artists and songs I loved so much. The A’s, Mandrake Memorial, Robert Hazard all were wonderful artists.”

One such artist is the late, Joey Wilson, who Uosikkinen befriended and eventually formed the band, Youth Camp, with in the early 8o’s. “He was like the first local guy I saw on national TV (Wilson appeared with his band on, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert show).

Wilson’s song, “All My Mondays” is Songs In the Pocket’s first offering, which is available for download by going to the website www.songsinthepocket.org. A video of the recording session which features fellow Hooters, Rob Hyman and Eric Brazillian,  Beru Revue’s guitarist Greg Davis, Cyndi Lauper’s William Wittman on bass, and vocals by A’s singer, Richard Bush is also on the site. The song can be downloaded for $.99 and proceeds helping to support Settlement Music School.

“It’s a great cause for a very cool organization. They offer music education to people who simply want to play music. You don’t have to be a prodigy or gifted, you only have to want to play”, says Uosikkinen.  I ask him about possible live shows and an actual CD release? “Right now it’s pretty much a revolving band, but maybe in the summer when The Hooters get back from Europe.”  He said a record is a possibility but, the plan right now is to record and post a new song every month or so. In the meantime Uosikkinen will continue his over 30 year tenure with the Hooters. “Europe has been good to us. We played Norway, Switzerland, and Germany  last year and have a loyal following over there.”

The band will not dissapoint local fans. They play The Electric Factory on November 26th with the previously mentioned Beru Revue opening. -Randy Bucksner

David Uosikkinen