In a swirl of smoke with strobes and hot spots, St. Vincent took the stage Wednesday night at Union Transfer, Philadelphia’s newest concert hall.  With the spots shooting up into her face and the rest of the stage in blackness, she began an incredible set of penetrating music, sound, light and emotion.

The packed house greeted her with shouts and accolades as she ran through her large book of great arrangements.  In the building that once housed the Spaghetti Factory, St. Vincent brought her unique style to Philadelphia in glorious form.

It’s not easy to describe the work that St. Vincent produces.  It’s quiet at times and at others the full bore distortion and her hard strumming jars your core.  The lights and mist never stopped and the fantastic lighting gave meaning to the lyrics and music.  Her songs are never dull.  They are on the short side and they hit you hard.  There’s no time for long guitar riffs that can plague a lesser player.  She makes her point and moves on.  St. Vincent is the center attraction and she lives up to that job incredibly well.  It was a sight to remember.

St. Vincent has been getting a lot of coverage lately and it’s well deserved.  She not your little girl playing guitar, she’s an amazing talent.  Her new album is “Strange Mercy”.  Try it.

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St Vincent – Surgeon by snipelondon