Interview with Paul Baroli Jr.
by Steven Philips
What are you doing Thursday night?  If you’re in or near Northeast Philly, you can join Paul Baroli and his band Steal Your Face ( as they transform the banquet rooms of the Casino Deli into the Grateful Deli, and turn the normally quiet restaurant into a raucous party with great music, good food and drink, and plenty of tie-dye.  Or maybe some Saturday night you have a hankering for some sushi and some live Grateful Dead music?  You can sometimes see Steal Your Face transform Fujiyama into a Steal Your Sushi party complete with Jerry Rolls.  And this coming weekend, Steal Your Face will be featured on the main stage of Snipes farm at In And Out the Garden We Go, where this educational farm in Morrisville, PA will be transformed by hordes of hippies and other fans of Grateful Dead music.
I met Paul a little over a year ago when he was sitting in with Splintered Sunlight, another local Dead cover band.  I first saw him in his role as frontman and bass player for his own band Steal Your Face at “In And Out” last year.  They were the highlight of the festival for me, and I’ve been a fan and a friend ever since.  If I’m not seeing Paul at one of his shows, I’m running into him at Furthur, DSO, or another local show.  Its a big wonderful Grateful Dead family we have here in Southeastern PA, and Steal Your Face is a solid part of it.  They’ve been together about five years.  Garry, the rhythm guitar player, Curtis the lead guitarist, and Paul all started jamming together in another band, and really hit it off.  They evolved into Steal Your Face, with Michael Morrow on keys and vocals, and “Blue Lou” Zalvino on drums.
Paul says “Musically, I think we’re always evolving. Honing our skills, digging deeper, searching, becoming a tighter band. We’re all students of music and bring our personal influences to the group. With Personnel we just always seem to keep heading in the right direction. A few big things stand out like when we brought Curtis in full-time on lead guitar. He was so young when Garry and I formed Steal Your Face and there was a lot of complications just to get him to shows. We tinkered with other lead players always missing the magic we had with Curt and longing for the day we could have him back in the mix full-time. We spent 6 months playing every Tuesday at a Hookah Café. Right about when that run started we brought in Michael Morrow to play keys and sing the Jerry, Brent and Pigpen parts. Although it was small and smoky, and may have been a front for a terrorist organization-those shows were great for us. We grew as band. Michael and I had played together on only a couple of occasions but I knew he was the right guy for the job. Playing regularly every week gave us a chance to work out our vocals and gel as a unit. Our drummer, Louis is the heart and soul of SYF. The man works so hard, hours before and after each and every show- and behind the kit, I swear he has an extra pair of arms sometimes. Lou and his girl Shannon welcomed Scarlet Rose to the SYFamily on June 11th. In preparation we brought in Marvin Kaye, a long-time friend of Garry’s as a 2nd drummer. “Marvelous” took his first solo trip with SYF the night Scarlet was born but we’ve been enjoying having two drummer-our “Rhythm Angels”
We have played from Massachusetts to Maryland and are looking forward to a lot of shows in Atlantic City and Ocean City Maryland this summer as well as festivals and what will be our 2nd trip to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains Labor Day weekend.”
So you won’t want to miss Steal Your Face on Saturday June 18, 2011 at Snipes Farm’s  In and Out the Garden We Go