Years ago friends and I coined the genre “sad bastard” music. Mark Kozelek, either solo or as Sun Kil Moon was always included in this.  And it seems that nothing has changed for this sad grumpy bastard over the years. He’s always been known to yell at fans during shows, telling them his shows are not a social function, so shut the f*ck up and listen. I was actually at one of those shows in Tampa, FL at the Orphum back in 2004, so I can attest.

We’ll it seem Mark is at it again with his latest grumpy cat tantrum targeted at Philly’s own The War on Drugs.

From our Friends at Stereogum  – “A review of the performance from Exclaim has the details: Kozelek was playing opposite the Philadelphia band and, when noise from their set started to spill over into his, he stopped the show and asked the crowd, “Who the fuck is that?” After the crowd responded, Kozelek said, “I hate that beer commercial lead-guitar shit. This next song is called, “The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick.” “

The War on Drugs did respond via Twitter and so did Kathleen Edwards.

Full Details here  –

[Forecastle photo by Taylor Hill/Stereogum]