Who is Supergrass? They are quite possibly one of the most disrespected bands concerning the reemergence of the “Britt Pop” sensation that occurred in the nineties. Everyone remembers Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, Stone Roses, Belle & Sebastian, Pulp; hell even Elastica managed superstar notoriety with “Connection.”
Supergrass was given considerable coverage for the swing associated with “Alright”. They were still grossly overshadowed by the “Clueless” film at whole, let alone sharing album time with an intimidating roster. Radiohead- Again? Salt-N-Peppa, Bowie, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, No Doubt, Lightning Seeds, Coolio (When he was COOL), Luscious Jackson, and Counting crows are difficult to hang with while you are releasing your debut album.


Supergrass was more than qualified to fit the challenge. After all, they hailed the highest selling LP on Parlophone records since The Beatles’ “Please Please Me.” I am curious how Noel Gallagher was given the free speech to claim being “bigger than the Beatles.” Especially when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus… Are you here God? Why dost thou forsaken Supergrass?

The condemnation of artists whom are able to produce timeless work has been a common trend. I lay testimony to playing “Judas” myself. Still it is unavoidable to hear the vast influences that are spread throughout their music. While it is driven by Mod, and Doo-Wop, there are points where the fidelity tests how seriously we take them as musicians; despite hearing the most thrashed, energetic and musically tight renditions of the subliminal sounds we can’t help but love… They made adamant in an interview with Metro that they are not a they hailed the highest selling LP on Parlophone records since The Beatles’ “Please Please Me.” 60’s revival band; that they lay influences from the urban aesthetics as well. Sly & The Family Stone, as well as Tricky were some of the influences early on. To pull such immaculate transition is a mastery seldom taken on let alone enjoyed by musicians. If they enjoy the process the energy is just simply larger.

I guess I can see where the urban influences come from; primarily with the approach to lyricism; it is so neatly poetic; and yet these words when properly understood would have made your parents in an uproar. Visuals of a disgruntled dad making you burn your vinyl while you choke on the smoke sort of ordeal.

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[REVIEW] I Should Coco

“Alright” is about doing hood rat stuff with your friends stamping cocaine and being popular. “Caught By The Fuzz” is a little more direct, but knowing Gaz wrote it about being caught with pot at fifteen makes me bust a gut. “Mansize Rooster”, and “She’s So Loose”. Do you really need to wonder what those songs are about? “Strange Ones” and  “I’d Like To Know” reminds me of those nights when you are overly curious, and openly vulnerable to the opportunity to bonding with the sleaziest people you could find.

The vocals are absolutely amazing. How they could be so expressive with these playful lyrics merely grants accessibility to what were nostalgically trivial adventures. They more or less celebrate their personal flaws while musically I simply just can’t find any flaws at all.

Gaz, Mick, Danny, and Rob were passed off to be “Spliff Heads”. They are Spliff Heads.  That doesn’t counter the truth of the matter. They make some of the most real albums to ever be neglected. **Adam & Eve it’s the ballrooms!

* Cockney for “I Should Think So”

**Cockney for “Believe it’s the tits!”

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