Same great festival, they just slapped a new name on it! Last year it went by The Old Farmers Mill and this year it was called Susquehanna Breakdown. Both names are taken from songs by Cabinet with the same name. The reason for the change was the Old Farmers Ball had been used for the last 20 years for a festival in Asheville N.C. and they did not want the confusion between the two.



This year Cabinet invited 20 of there friends from areas such Philadelphia, NYC and upstate New York to join them on Montage Mountain in Scranton Pa. at the Pavilion. Helping to make this a family friendly event children under 10 were admitted for free. For the first time every people were allowed to camp inside the venue for only $20.  A full day of music was started at 10:30am with Perk Up with Pappy ( Pappy and JP. from Cabinet) and ended with Terrapin Flyer at 1:45am.


Terrapin Flyer had Melvin Seals (JGB) and Mark Karen (Ratdog) joining them. Some of the other bands included in the line-up were Kalob Griffin Band, The Brummy Brothers, Driftwood, Floodwood (Al Schnier & Vinnie Amico of Moe), Marco Benevento, Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds and of Course Cabinet. Special guest Ron Holloway on the Sax Not a bad way to kick off the festival Season.