Down at SXSX in Austin, TX – Day 3 is a wrap!  Todays highlights include Sleeper Agent, The KooksDiarrhea Planet, So So Glos. Ya get it?…. Sleep, Going Koo Koo, Diarrhea and More? Thought that would get your attention! Stay tune for more daily recaps and be sure to follow the TSI Twitter and Instagram ( @tristateindie ) for live updates! Now onto the show…


I had to see The Kooks and luckily, I was at the right place at the right time. I was able to squeeze in the front and hide under the speakers. It was incredibly hard to focus on taking pictures when all you really want to do is dance and sing along, I must say.

The Kooks @ SXSW 2014 / Photo: Megan Matuzak

The Kooks @ SXSW 2014 / Photo: Megan Matuzak


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