Earier in the day after hustling over to the Fader Fort area, I had just enough time to scarf down a piece of pizza before sitting down with The So So Glos. They are truly a solid group of guys and I don’t advise missing the TSI Video Lounge Session I did with them. Keep an eye out for that coming soon.  Afterwards I was able to hop around before their set. It was absolutely crucial to get my metal fix at Dirty Dog, where I saw Reading’s River Of Nihil. After a hefty helping of the bassist’s insane ability to shred and guttural goodness, I made my way to see The So So Glo’s and Diarrhea Planet at The Gypsy (hosted by Sailor Jerry’s).

So So Glos @ SXSW 2014 / Photo: Megan Matuzak

So So Glos @ SXSW 2014 / Photo: Megan Matuzak

Entering to classic baseball organ anthems, The So So Glos were called out to their starting positions. The mosh pit and stage divers were right on cue for the first strum. The band played several tracks off their 2013 release, Blowout, which was listed as best of 2013 by Rolling Stone.  They also hit it back to their first album with “Black and Blue”.


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