Welp. Fell asleep with a Jack In The Box bacon cheeseburger in my hands last night. That happened.

To start off the day I headed over to the Hilton to catch up with Tony of Sleeper Agent for a TSI Lounge Session. He is an incredibly personable guy and I was very pleased with our interview, if I do say so myself.

I set my sights east for Street Legal Guitars, a family owned guitar shop, to catch White Mystery again.  While Alex, singer and guitarist, didn’t have room to lay back on her heels or play the guitar with her teeth, both siblings kept up the energy. Francis, drummer and singer, makes playing the drums and singing look like child’s play while Alex’s face was only visible when she took a break from bouncing around and thrashing wildly. The Chicago duo is set to release a new album, Dubble Dragon on 4/20. To learn more, keep your ear to the ground for the TSI Lounge Session I held with them after their performance.

White Mystery @ SXSW / Photo: Megan Matuzak

White Mystery @ SXSW / Photo: Megan Matuzak


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