I had the chance to speak with one of the featured bands in the 2011 College Music Journal Music Marathon, TAB The Band, about their past accomplishments and future plans.

From Duxbury, Massachusetts, TAB The Band brings an upbeat component to CMJ 2011. These guys produce the type of energized music that compels you to get off your ass and do something. Whether it’s dancing, singing along or rocking your heart out, they possess the type of sound that rock music festivals were made for.

Together, TAB The Band have performed at music festivals in New York and the UK, but agree that their biggest accomplishment was playing this past Lollapalooza. Aside from the obvious achievement of being a part of such a widely known music festival, to these guys the best part about performing at Lollapalooza was connecting with their fans.

“Having people at your stage…really getting into it and singing along to our music was the best part.”  TAB The Band went on to explain that the great response received from their audience at Lollapalooza is what motivates them to keep moving forward as a band.

As for the future plans, the group plans to coincide a tour with the release of their next record around late winter or early spring. Be sure to check out their music on www.myspace.com/tabtheband and keep up with their show dates on twitter.com/#!/TABtheBand.

You can catch TAB The Band at this years CMJ Music Marathon on October 19th at The Bowery Electric. To be apart of the facebook event head to, Bang This! CMJ 2011 w/ TAB The Band @ Bowery Electric.

For more information on CMJ check out www.cmj.com.