Icona Pop at Lollapalooza 2013 - Photo:TSI’s Teresa McCullough

Icona Pop at Lollapalooza 2013 – Photo:TSI’s Teresa McCullough

It’s no secret that music festivals have quickly become large-scale fashion shows where both performers and attendees can display the latest trends.   Fashion bloggers have made it their priority to attend events like SXSW and Coachella and top brands have designed whole collections dedicated to festival fashion.  We spoke with Kat Blazowski, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Eugenia Kim, a top luxury accessories brand, to get some first-hand knowledge into festival fashion and what we can expect to see this spring and summer.

TSI: What musicians/bands have you worked with in the past?

KB: We are constantly collaborating with musicians for editorial shoots, music video shoots, advertising campaigns, special appearances, etc.  A few of the most recent are Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna…

TSI: Did you work with anyone for SXSW?

KB: We actually custom made four crazy cowboy hats for Lady Gaga to take to SXSW.  Still waiting for her to wear them though!  That isn’t uncommon in this business.  The celebrity could end up wearing it for what they were supposed to, or could turn up a year later wearing it.  But the payoff is still there, so it’s worth it.

TSI: Who are some artists that you think exemplify the Eugenia Kim brand and that you would like to work with in the future?

KB: We’ve been lucky that a lot of our target artists already embrace our brand, which is great.  I’d say Beyonce really fits that brand image for us and she is one of our biggest supporters.  Our aesthetic is quite feminine, but with a bit of edge –  so for us at least, she really kind of embodies that perfectly.   But if I had to make a wish list…I’d love to work more closely with the Haim girls, we’ve sent stuff out on shoots for them maybe a handful times, but I could definitely see them wearing Eugenia Kim.

Festival Goer at 2013 Lollapalooza - Photo: TSI's Teresa McCullough

Festival Goer at 2013 Lollapalooza – Photo: TSI’s Teresa McCullough

TSI: What do you think are some fashion essentials for a multi-day festival?

KB: Definitely a comfortable pair of shoes, sunscreen, a bag big enough for all your odds and ends, and a great hat obviously.

TSI: What are some trends you are already seeing for the 2014 festival season?

KB: You know, I think that festival fashion has kind of evolved into it’s own genre of dressing.  So not a whole lot changes from one year to the next – it’s always very bohemian in essence, with the floral dresses and cutoff denim, etc. etc.  But there are a few recent trends that will definitely be represented this season: backpacks are a big one, crop tops, pastels, turban headbands…

TSI:  What are some brands you associate with festival fashion?

KB: All of those high street UK brands – Topshop, ASOS…definitely Forever 21.  Also Free People, Haute Hippie, Juicy Couture…

Coachella is among us, and we’re anxious to see who will be wearing what.  TSI’s trend predictions: mirrored sunglasses, flowy maxi skirts and overall shorts.  What are some of your favorite festival trends both past and present?