Photos and Review by Barry Lindenmuth jr

Top Dog Cherry Hill was host to three of Tazmania Records hottest artists. Newcomer Tina DeCara,  and veterans Denine, and Joe Zangie. Its no secret that South Jersey has long been the place to be if you wanted to hear the hottest dance tracks. And with the help of Mike Ferullo,  Tazmania Records has never let us down.

At 15, Tina DeCara is considered a rookie in the dance music game. But, when she stepped on the stage at Top Dog it seemed as if she had been doing her thing for many years.  A native New Yorker, Tina was thrilled to be performing her new song “Count On Me” for the Top Dog crowd. When I got a chance to talk to her before her show I she let me know a little about herself. Singing since the age of 5, she always knew that performing was what she wanted to do with her life. Besides having a great voice Tina also writes her own songs. Not many other 15 year olds can say that, oh and did i mention she is teaching herself to play the Piano, the Guitar, and the Drums. “Count On Me” may be her first song, but this 15 year old has a great future ahead of her!

Being from South Jersey in the early 90’s, dance music ruled the airwaves.  Philly native Denine was one of the early artists to keep the clubs jumping with her hits “I Remember You” and “Baby I Love You” . So anytime I get the chance to see her perform I make sure I am there. On this night I wouldn’t be disappointed. She performed her two biggest hits  from her cd To Be Continued, “All Cried Out” and “I Remember You”, both of which were successful on the Billboard Top 100.  She may be small in stature, but she definitely makes up with it with her big voice. After all these years she continues to make classic dance hits. Her new song “What Happened To Love” proves just that!  If you’ve ever been in love, and fell out, you will definitely love this song.

A close personal friend of mine for many years Joe Zangie, took the stage at Top Dog and put on one his best performances. Flanked by dancers Brittany and Jessica, Joe performed a medley of his hits, including his brand new song “You Remind Me”.  We first met over 15 years ago in South Jersey, which at the time was the capital of dance music. From his humble beginnings at a show outside of Washington Township’s “Music Factory”, Joe has never let go of his dream of being on top of the dance music game.  His first song “Im My Dreams” was an instant classic in SJ, and quickly spread down the coast giving him a strong core of loyal fans. An accident during the middle of his career forced Joe to to work even harder to come back better than his previous self. And in 2007 he did just that, releasing his first CD Timeline with one of my personal favs “Missing You“. From that point on Joe’s career took off, sending him on tour with one of dance musics legends Rockell. Today, with the help of producers Mike Rizzo and Steve “Mr Mig” Migliore, “You Remind Me” is definitely taking clubs by storm! And when he finished off the night at Top Dog, the crowd was begging him to sing it again!