Ok, this is not necessarily an overlooked album. Still allow me to make this review personal.

In fifth grade I met my first girlfriend. She didn’t know she was my girlfriend, but I figured that because I bought her Weezer’s Blue album and held her hand. So I figured; she was my girlfriend.

Naturally when the transition to middle school began I was ready to see my darling following the vacation with a copy of Pinkerton to commemorate our love. It was than that my heart stopped for the first time. I saw her canoodling with my friend by the lockers. I dragged my pathetic excuse of a gift home with me; heck, I wanted something that wouldn’t leave me; or at least something that I could break if I didn’t like it.

weezer-pinkerton_grande copy2

Being an avid Rolling Stone reader I read the most scathing review I have ever read and began to think; “Maybe the CD was so bad she wanted better for herself than a loser boyfriend, and a crappy CD. Maybe I should have got her Bath & Body Works…”

I was an insomniac then. I remember seeing the video for “El Scorcho” and while I was slightly confused with the theatrics of starting a song with the first thing that came to your mind, I found it to be refreshing. Not that it was absurd; it was merely so genius that I wondered why I haven’t heard other artists do this before. Like my approach with relationships at the time, I just wanted people to get to the point. I figured then that Pinkerton would be worth the test of patience. People weren’t ready to hear a dose of sincerity in the moment.

I wasn’t necessarily “Tired of Sex” but I was subliminally tired of not being able to find the reciprocation of love. I was tired of feeling so overly desperate to acquire this sensation and pain of love outside of myself. “Getchoo” reminded me of her again. It seemed like she wanted to play with everyone except me. It made me frustrated, and apologetic even though I didn’t know why I was apologizing. If the apology seemed insincere, it was because it was insincere. Why be remorseful when I felt I wasn’t in the wrong? Couldn’t we just go back to the way things were?

Clinging on for any sign of hope hearing the words; My girls a liar, but I’ll stand beside her, she’s all I’ve got, and I don’t want to be alone. My girl don’t see me, when she’s with my friends. She’s all I’ve got, and I don’t want to be alone” made me feel as though my life was being narrated…
“Why Bother” reminded me that it’s impossible to lose if you quit before you start. It’s pretty awesome strategy when you fall into the belief that people have been bred to let you down.

[WATCH] Weezer “Tired of Sex” LIVE at The Electric Factory, Phila, PA (1996)

“Across The Sea” is about knowing that there may actually be someone out there like you, but they will never be able to reach you or find you. The assurance that there is some intimate correspondence is almost as romantic as the idea that they actually exist.

As for “The Good Life,” it made me feel like I was the sexiest thing ever. I wasn’t too familiar with what being “sexy” entailed, but shaking booty and loving people were two of the only things I may have actually been good at. Life is good when I hear that track.

“Pink Triangle” was complex for me, I had many lady friends I was attracted to, but hanging out with them was always as easy as hanging out with the guys, and they never really seemed interested… It was one of those songs that seemed to present clarity, as I grew older.

I feel that way about “Falling For You” it is a song where you know that being vulnerable to the types of women you are attracted to just simply is not an option; Once again Rivers is too rock & roll to not say what is on his mind, even if it is a gesture as lame as settling down. If there is no hope for romance, than there is too much callousness to define or discover what love may actually be.

[LISTEN] Weezer – Pinkerton FULL ALBUM

After the distortion ripping through nine tracks, it felt amazing to hear “Butterfly” the lyrics that stick with me are; “I didn’t mean to do you harm, but every-time I pin down what I want, It slips away. The ghost slips away.” The uncertainty of holding on to something, but realizing that some things are too beautiful to capture, let alone try to touch or handle. It may better to observe it rather than kill it.

The rock aesthetic in my school was heavy. They loved Manson, Soundgarden, and Metallica. I would regularly get my “tighty-whities” wedged, my head dipped in a urinal or sink water, or the classical shanking. They literally had to put “no shanking” in our rule book because I was jamming to “Pinkerton” and some kids thought it would be cool to drop my shorts in front of a teacher.

To hear that the tortures Rivers faced included being dumped, depressed, alone, and locked in a self -painted black room for multiple months; brought a metamorphosis of expression, brings the very depiction of budding as a flower, or changing the pest like nature. I marvel how critics managed to find a way to hate Rivers Cuomo. They act as though they could have done a better job hating him as he had; or even I did. I was sick of it, and he was too, and needed to turn the energy around.
Weezer had created one of the most honest albums created in that decade, only to assist Rivers in nearly abandoning all hope of creating an album until the Green album. While this album while under appreciated by many at the time, it holds an incredible cultural value to many who were fortunate to have Rivers do the sulking for them. It truly is the coolest story of being self aware, while discovering where love comes from.

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