I already referenced the importance of Youtube in my article about Callie Moore. We know that Youtube is a powerful tool when it comes to self-promotion and building a fan base.  Terabrite is a two person band living in Youtube land and they are reaping the awards for their dedication and hard work. Not only have they been given shout outs, their clever intros have been used by some of the most famous Youtubers out there. Beyond that Terabrite has also managed to win multiple contests for their creative music videos landing them a pretty good salary for your average indie band and a spot on Conan. You can imagine they are very busy but they took some time to answer a couple of questions from TSI.

Q- So this is an old standard question but can you give the TSI readers some insight to what Terabrite is? How you got started? Where you hope to go?

A- TeraBrite consists of DJ Monopoli and Sabrina Abu-Obeid. It was accidentally created when we were both sort of experimenting with making music together. We made one song, put it up on Myspace.com, and then didn’t really do anything for a long period of time after that. At the time we were just a music making duo. Then one day DJ was watching the SHAYTARDS and noticed that Shay Carl asked his fans to cover his intro song. We jumped on it immediately, created a video, uploaded it to YouTube, and it was used that day. Our YouTube channel had a sudden boost of subscribers and we quickly realized we were making content for the wrong website. From then on we dropped the music duo label, and considered ourselves a two piece YouTube band.

Q- So you guys seem to sweat contest wins. Is it the music? videos? or overall hard work than puts you at the top of every contest?

A- We aren’t really sure why we win contests. We feel extremely lucky, but hard work definitely plays a factor in that.

Q- Speaking of contests, You both managed to make it on Conan. How was that experience? Were you the first YouTube musicians to make an appearance there?

A- Not sure if we were the first or not, but we didn’t appear on the show as YouTuber’s or even musicians, just as a couple. The experience was unbelievable on all levels, from waiting back stage to standing next to Conan, to sitting across from Justin Bieber! Every single person there was extremely nice and equally hilarious. It was difficult to stop laughing.

Q- Terabrite started before Vlerabrite…Do you feel that Vlerabrite being a Vlog/ music outlet diminishes your music career or enhances it?

A- It definitely enhances it. We feel that being YouTube musicians, our lives are somewhat unique compared to most people. We pay a lot of attention to the feedback we get, and it just so happens that we got a lot of requests to start vlogging as our TeraBrite channel began to grow. Vlogging also helps us stay on track with content. It gives us a daily way to interact with fans and digest their opinions and that definitely reflects in our TeraBrite videos.

Q- It seems as though you have gained a lot of followers through your creative themed music for other popular social media users. Do you have any plans to use traditional methods that musicians have used in the past such as tours or physical copies of your upcoming album? Or is the opposite true and social media empowers your to do everything yourself?

A- We aren’t planning to go on tour any time soon and aren’t sure if we are ready to live the life of a touring rockstar. We are trying to create something that allows us to do what we love, but at the same time live somewhat normal lives. We aren’t just musicians, we also have a strong passion for making videos. We do enjoy performing live and might plan on doing some shows down the line, but probably not in the form of a tour.

Q- What is next for Terabrite, or I should say what’s next up for Terabrite? Any news you want to share?

A-     We plan on the go, so there’s no telling what’s next. I can say we are going to be doing some work with Mitchell Davis and have some other collaborations planned out for the near future.