A friday night at the Electric Factory was filled with fun good ol rock and roll from The Airborne Toxic Event. The LA indie rock band gets a lot of support from Philadelphia, PA and they showed their appreciation through two hours of upbeat energetic music and gave all they had to the audience. Every member of the band is a showman. Mikell Jollett may be the front of the band but each member showed their immense talent to the crowd.


Few of the many highlights of the night included Mikell Jollet climbing the balcony of the Electric Factory. The crowd loved the enthusiam, but Mikell may have acted faster than he thought. He stopped a several times in between lyrics to talk to his band that “maybe this was not the best idea”, referring to how close he was to falling several stories to the crowd. Another highlight was before the show even started. Radio 104.5’s own Wendy Rollins came on stage to introduce the band, but first awarded Anna Bulbrook (Airborne Toxic Event’s keyboardist and violinist) as the best tambourine player. Anna Bullbrook was awarded with her own gold tambourine.


As a person who goes to a lot of shows, I was oddly very excited to see Airborne Toxic Event (again). Their music is just fun. They are talented artists who put their hearts into their art. They have a simple formula that sounds deep and incredibly thought out. The Airborne Toxic Event has easily become one my favorite bands. I never hear a note from them that I don’t enjoy.