Jason, Mike, Josh and Steven of The Battle Begun stopped by WMCX 88.9 FM this past Friday to discuss their new EP Shapes Like Faces. They will be returning this Friday to WMCX 88.9 FM’s specialty show “White Trash Radio” to debut their new EP Shapes Like Faces live on air. Listeners will be able to download the entire EP for free that day on thebattlebegun.bandcamp.com.

This young group of talented friends has been through some major changes as a band within the past three years, which is a contributing factor to the new sound on the latest release. With a recent member of the band leaving, The Battle Begun found their opportunity to experiment with their creativity and focus on a new direction of music.

Together, Jason on the keyboard and synthesizer, Mike on the bass, Josh on the drums, and Steven as the singer and songwriter of The Battle Begun, they create an innovative sound derived from their motive to avoid fitting into a specific genre of music. The tracks on the EP vary from experimental post-rock to a lighthearted alternative sound that somehow mix together to create a consistent flow that can only be fully appreciated after listening to the entire EP.

They describe themselves as a band that is “always learning and constantly growing” and after years of band members coming and going it seems as though The Battle Begun is more than ready to share their new experimental sound on Shapes Like Faces live on air this Friday at 4PM on WMCX 88.9 FM. Listeners can also visit www.wmcx.com to listen to live streaming of the show.

To listen to interview clips with The Battle Begun from last week’s show check out “White Trash Radio” on Facebook. Click below to listen to the 4th track off of The Battle Begun’s EP titled Shapes Like Faces

Shapes Like Faces