If memory serves me, TBD’s first full-length was one of the first posting I made for TSI a while back. This is their second full-length and equally as satisfying. My mind is flooded with recommendations for this band, I came across this description from Highly Evolved, which I find to be extremely accurate and well written:
“Its multi-layered nuance cannot be fully explored – and thus appreciated – in a single run-through. There’s just too much. Whether you’re listening to the riff at one minute, or trying (with varying degrees of success) to make out the lyrics beneath, it feels like you’re hearing another song altogether. You throw yourself into this initially unheard undercurrent of subliminal composition; the brain behind the heart. Then on your fourth, or your fifth – or however many times it takes for you to make it all out – you put it all back together again. And you can hear it all, together again; and it sounds even better.”

New York City Spy