The Books – Sept 29th

The Books show at the Troc was one of the smallest shows I have ever been to. The balcony was mostly full with people sitting down to enjoy the show. Having arrived late (thank you, night classes), I stood in back of the small crowd that was gathered around the stage, which probably took up less than half of the available standing room space.

Thankfully, class let out in time to get me to the show with several minutes to spare before The Books went on. The stage was already set up for them, with a chair and a music stand for each of the three members and several musical instruments surrounding each chair. When they came out, they calmly sat down at their seats, picked up their instruments, started a video on a projection screen that was set up behind their chairs on stage, and started to play music that was synchronized to the video playing behind them.

After an instrumental introduction, the band said hello to the crowd before introducing their next song,” I Didn’t Know That”, and starting a golf-themed video with “I didn’t know that!” written on the screen in sync with the sound clips playing behind the music. Their set included songs from most of their albums, and all of their songs (except one) had a video matched up to it, where the random images were mostly synced with the random sound clips they use in their music. And, much like their mixed-up sound clips, the videos were often funny, sometimes strange and overwhelming, but always entertaining.

All in all, this was probably the strangest show that I have ever been to. The videos and just the nature of the music itself is definitely just… different. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Books (obviously… why else would I have gone see them?). And seeing them live really demonstrated how talented these guys are as musicians. The “new guy” that the two founding members introduced really tore up the fingerpicking part on several songs, and on other songs played the keyboard while pinning a violin between his chin and shoulder, then picking up the violin to start playing later in the song. Their synchronization with each other and their videos really is a testament to the skill in their music. So while this was a strange show to have been to, I definitely enjoyed myself and have a whole new level of appreciation for The Books. -Katie Miller

The Books @Troc 9/29 -Pic by Katie Miller

The Books @Troc 9/29 -Pic by Katie Miller