Saturday, July 28, marks the first ever Brandywine Folk Festival. The event was created by The Brandywine Folk Collective, a community of West Chester area natives who are involved in three different bands: Kit Colt, i am Love, and The Pretty Dittys. In addition to the bands of the collective, the festival will include performances by Sidney Joseph, Tim Celfo (of Mason Porter), Pedro and Pearl, Echoes Talk Back, Pete Bush and the Hoi Polloi, The Hundred Acre Woods, and Paleface. The group has invited nationally and internationally touring artists to join the local bands in creating a family friendly atmosphere, providing aid for charity, and giving back to their community. The Brandywine Folk Collective and festival support a Hatian organization, The Foundation for Economic Development and Advancement of Pignon. The Brandywine Folk Festival will be held at Brandywine Outfitters, 2096 Strasburg Rd., Mortonville, PA. The event will last from 2pm till 11pm.