It’s hard to believe The Bridge are in their 10th year.The Baltimore based Jam band who have just recorded their third album with producer  and Los Lobos saxaphonist Steve Berlin have come a long way since the early demo tracks I was lucky to hear so long ago.They have toured extensively here and overseas building up a loyal following along the way.Steve Berlin,pretty amazing stuff.I get to ask singer guitarist Chris Jacobs about this and other Bridge happenings in a phone chat from his home.”We decided to go with a producer for this record and Steve was someone we all admired” said Chris.”We sent him a few tracks and he agreed to work with us”.”He was amazing to work with.He helped arrange some of the songs and encouraged us to experiment with some new sounds.We really have some different sounds on this album.I wonder if the crazy screeching I hear in the background is an example of  what he is talking about.”That’s just my dog Boone playing with the toy rubber chicken my girlfriend bought him”.The noise is so loud and odd we have to stop the interview a couple of times.I crack up laughing and Chris does his best to quiet Boone.I’ve always been impressed by the intricate musical lines the band pulls off with ease at their live shows.I ask Chris if the new songs will feature more of this.”We’ve tried to make the sound more elastic and broaden the template.We are a jam band and enjoy the spontaneity of our live shows but we all about the songs. We work  on composing good songs.”The Bridge performs this weekend at the Hot August Blues festival and will begin a residency at the 8×10 club in Baltimore next month. They are  not to be missed!