The Bright Light Social Hour took the stage at the North Star Bar on Friday January 13th. The venue was small but the excitement from the crowd for The Bright Light Social Hour to begin their set was anything but that. The band emerged just past 12:30 am, but the night was just getting started. Each band member was adorned with a mane of hair, a signature focal point on the four members. They got the crowd going with an upbeat song “Bare Hands Bare Feet” off their self titled LP that debuted in September 2010.

The vibe was incredible as the band continued into heavier songs, it was obvious how passionate these musicians are about their work. The band, comprised of four young men from Austin, Texas, includes Curtis Roush on guitar and vocals, Jack O’Brien playing bass and vocals, A.J. Vincent on keys as well as vocals, and Joseph Mirasole on the drums. Roush, O’Brien and Vincent created energetic vocal harmonies giving their music a unique sound.

The Bright Light Social Hour brought out a heavy rock sound reminiscent of a classic tone. Their use of synthesizers, maracas and keyboards gave each song an interesting twist. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm continued throughout the set as they played their well known song, “Detroit” along with “Shanty.” The fans were just as engrossed with the music as the band, dancing during the set and having a great time getting involved with the music.

The band won big at the 29th Annual Austin Music Awards, notably for Band of the Year. It’s no surprise when you listen to how much dedication was put forth in each song. The Bright Light Social Hour is a band to watch as their tour promotes their 2011 debut album.