So it’s like this. My ten minute phoner I do with Deafening Colors guitarist, Cris Slotoroff, last more than half an hour because we start talking about how much we love Wilco’s Summer Teeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and how much better we think those albums are than the two most recent ones. We talk about other bands we like and he cites, Yo La Tengo, as an influence and I tell him about their wild set at the Xponential Festival where they rocked out on a Jan and Dean song with the Sun Ra Arkestra horns,very cool. Enough about that. “Times a wastin” and I have an interview to post. So here is the deal. Morristown, NJ based quintet , The Deafening Colors, 2 members who originally hail from the South Jersey shore area, return to AC this weekend to play the inaugural Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival which also features other cool bands like, Bellflur from DC and Verity In Stereo from Asbury Park. “There wasn’t much of a music scene down there [South Jersey] growing up”, says Cris. “Lot’s of Jimmy Buffet cover bands and white people singing reggae songs. That’s sort of the reason we moved north.” The band is currently doing shows in support of their second EP eponymous titled, The Deafening Colors Ep II. Cris and guitarists John Arthur, who does many of the vocals, and Mark Macor have played together in various bands for years. The current line-up includes the rhythm section of Marks Lenin on drums and Rhett Bradbury on bass. The triple guitars give them a dense and rich sound. Cris says their sound has been called East Coast Surf Music. I hear a bit of Doves or Grandaddy. Then they switch to rootsy country rock ala Wilco or Son Volt but still their own.”We like the fact that we can be multi faceted”, says Cris. I agree ! It all works to produce a vibrant sound. Check them out this weekend at the Elephant Talks festival in A.C.