Taking the indie music scene by storm, The Districts hung up their backpacks on Friday night and got geared up to play a killer show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. There were four opening acts. It started with two local high school bands and we eventually worked our way to Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang, who is led by the former drummer of Philly’s own Dr. Dog. Following Juston Stens was another Philly music sensation, Cheers Elephant.


Cheers Elephant played a bunch of their well-known songs and even some new original’s; one song featured a megaphone. The lead singer for Cheers Elephant, Derek Krzywicki, really knows how to put on a show. He is a true performer and that makes watching Cheers Elephant perform something really special. From dancing to lying on the floor, Derek can really get the crowd going.


After Cheers Elephant, The Districts took the stage. The band comprised of high school students certainly don’t sound like high schoolers. From the first chord strummed the crowd went nuts. The lead singer, Rob Grote, is amazing. He was able to control the crowd just like Krzywicki could.



Everyone there knew all of their music and was singing along and rocking out with the band. This was my first time seeing The Districts perform live. I’ve listened to their album, Telephone, and I thought it was great, but seeing them perform their music live was amazing and you could really see just how talented every single member truly is. If you haven’t heard The Districts yet, go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!