The Dodos have certainly always been on my radar, but never quite made it to my top plays in iTunes – or even my shower playlist – until their latest album, No Color. It’s had me pressing repeat for weeks now for many reasons, be it the addition of Neko Case’s vocals, the well-crafted songs, or simply good timing mood-wise (you know how you have to catch certain bands at the right time?). It became clear to me that I needed to see them live. Lucky for me, they played the TLA last Saturday night, and I finally got to see what they’re all about.

First of all, let me just say how old I felt standing among the mostly high school crowd – at least that’s what it looked like from where I was standing. I got a bit nostalgic reminiscing of my first show at the TLA… The Dodos definitely evoked a lot of excitement from the audience when they finally took the stage. They came out with so much energy that Meric broke a guitar string early in the set, saying “I fucked everything up.” I beg to differ, as he impressively completed the song without said string.

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