Flashback to February of this year, my very first live Dr. Dog experience. While everyone around me was almost more excited than I was for me to see Philly’s own perform for the first time (they were awesome, by the way), I was completely blown away by the openers, you guessed it, The Head and the Heart.

Present day, I’m presented with my second chance to see The Head and the Heart as part of WXPN’s 11th annual NonComm-vention, held at the new World Cafe Live, the Queen, in Wilmington, DE.

The Head and the Heart is a six piece indie folk pop band from Seattle, Washington. Formed only two years ago, these guys (and girl) were able to sell 10,000 copies of their debut self-titled albums basically on their own. After signing to Sub Pop Records this past November, they have since remastered the same album and re-released it this Spring. Oh yeah, and they’ve shared the stage with amazing bands like Dr. Dog, The Low Anthem and The Decemberists, to name a few.

Was I completely stoked to see their name on the lineup for this event? You betcha.

It’s really difficult to grasp how good this band is solely by listening to their album through headphones, car speakers, etc. While some have said that the album is predictable and lacks intrigue (ahem, Pitchfork), their live set is a whole other ballpark. From Jonathan’s earnest vocals, Josiah’s intensity, Charity’s incredible voice to Tyler’s insanity on drums, and Kenny and Chris bringing it all together with piano and bass, respectively, they undoubtedly know how to bring the album to life on stage. Seeing The Head and the Heart in action will make you appreciate and enjoy the album that much more. Trust me.

While I have no setlist to offer, as I was too caught up with just having a good ole time, they definitely played “Rivers and Roads” and “Lost in my Mind.” I know this because they are my two favorite songs of theirs, especially live. Charity’s vocals towards the end of “Rivers and Roads” are so jaw droppingly good you’ll have a hard time even noticing the rest of the band. Just momentarily, of course.

“Lost in my Mind,” on the more upbeat side of things, has an incredible way of inducing feet stomping and hand clapping. Everyone in the room fell victim to this, only magnifying the energy being created on stage. Check out their latest video, which consists of hanging out in the snow with lamps. Lots of lamps.

The Head and the Heart – “Lost in my Mind”

Unfortunately, their set was over before I knew it, and I was again left wanting more. But hey, I guess that’s how you get people to keep coming back to your shows? Some minor stalking might have to commence so that I can keep track of what cities they play and when.

Members: Josiah Johnson (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), Jonathan Russell (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), Charity Rose Thielen (Violin, Vocals), Chris Zasche (Bass), Kenny Hensley (Piano) and Tyler Williams (Drums)

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