Terror attacks, civil war, global warming, sex scandals….paying rent on time! It can all be way to much and get anyone down at any given time! There is a lot in this world that weigh on our shoulders. Everybody has an excuse to be pissed off and down. Most people use those excuses every day. I’m usually a pleasant…always happy…always look on the bright side of life…type of guy. Although, there are still certain days where I can just throw my hands and up say……FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there are bands like Hockey and The Hush Sound that are put on this earth to simply make you smile. Thank god they came to Philly last week as I’m sure there were some people that really needed them!




Hockey started out the night with their upbeat funk electronic fused party rock. Their sound was deep and backed by a group of young talented musicians. They had a few hick ups during their set, but were easily laughed off and were pushed through. I can say I wasn’t at this show to see master musicians perform perfect music, but to see passionate musicians perform passionate music. So who cares about a mix up here in there….were all human. This was my first introduction to Hockey. I am excited to have them in my mind, and to now be able to follow their career.


The show was headlined by The Hush Sound. Previous to the night I was only familiar with The Hush Sound through tracks on Pandora and my sisters iPod. While I enjoyed the songs I heard I was intrigued to hear their live sound. It turns out I didn’t even have to hear a single note. As the screen raised and revealed The Hush Sound dancing on to the stage to what I think was Notorious B.I.G. (I should have taken notes….I’m a photographer…not a journalist… gimme a break.) From that simple act I fell in love. There music began and immediately set in a warm place with friends. Its nearly perfect beach/picnic/BBQ where ever one is is with loved ones type of music. I almost get thrown in too a fantasy land of skipping along a blossom lined train with my girlfriend with the sun beating on our faces. There is nothing wrong with that.




A highlight of my night was seeing The Hush Sound’s participation with the crowd. While the lead singer was obviously devastated by the loss of the Chicago Bulls, the crowd quickly brought him back up. It seemed between each song the band and crowd had mini conversations that really did not pertain to anything in particular. These conversations though did seem to always end in laughter and led perfectly to the next song. At one point a handful of people were brought on stage to have a full on dance off with the chance to win recording of the bands new album.


I have been to bigger shows in the past and covered bigger acts, but there is nothing like an intimate show. Being close to the artist and to feel as if your all participating together is priceless. The Hush Sound & Hockey at The TLA will be one that I wont forget and hope to encounter similar shows in the future.