Sometimes it only takes a few songs to know that a new band has something going on. Such is the case with Tales by  The Last Dinosaur. The opening track “Fractions” starts with a guitar lick that is part world beat part eighties dub. There are many influences on the record and it’s easy to tell that the band has digested many genres of music to create their own Rock and Roll stew. Josh Hensley’s vocals particularly when he sings in the higher registers are soaring and emotional. There is great guitar interplay between Josh and  guitarist Dan Horsey. Dynamically the band is not afraid to lighten things for emotion before raising the roof again. Drums and Bass by Tim Johnson amd Jimmy Julia respectively hold it all together beautifully and make short work of the many shifts in the inventive arrangements. The x-factor for me is Matt Hannagan’s synth work. There are all these subtle layers there and a deep sonic landscape. Tales is a rock/metal album that sounds like an incredibly less lame Nickleback at times and at times a pumped up Police. Also noted is the production. The folks at Fairgreen Studios in Sparrows Point Maryland have done their homework and knew how to get the best out of this band. Bravo!

My favorite track on the record is “Loughton” which closes out the EP. With it’s driving guitars and rythmic shifts it is a delight. This Newark DE based band will be on tour this summer. This “dinosaur” is far from extinct.