Review and Photos by Barry Lindenmuth

First Unitarian, a church by day and a rock venue by night, was host to the Luyas, and headliner the Antlers Dec 3rd. The line for the show stretched around the block. And on a 30 degree night no one even complained about the cold. They were just happy to be there to see their two favorite bands!

The Luyas…Pietro Amato, Mathieu Charbonneau, Stefan Schneider, and lead singer Jessie Stein, led the crowd at the Unitarian on a psychedelic ride Friday night!  Fresh off of a show where they had two people in the crowd, The Luyas were thankful for the huge crowd. “Thanks for coming out, The Antlers have the best fans”,  Stein joked.  The foursome from Canada put together a great show, complete with a French Horn and a light show that reminded me of concerts from the ’80s. The crowd totally loved their performance, even the parts that were completely in the dark. ‘The Moodswinger’…Steins 12 string electric zither, adds to the bands eclectic sound.

Peter Silberman on lead, Darby Cicci, Michael Lerne and a new member Timmy Mislock, make up the Brooklyn based Antlers. In a place known for churning out hip hop stars & hipsters, The Antlers represent for the BK very well. The large crowd at the church were hanging on every word they sang. From their new album HOSPICE the song “Two” started off their hour long set. You could see the emotion on Silberman’s face as he belted out the words. As the end of their set grew near the crowd chanted, asking for ‘one more song’. The Antlers didn’t disappoint.  “Wake” which you could tell the crowd was waiting for was the night cap.

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, since I hadn’t heard much from these two bands. But I was pleasantly surprised, and Ill be sure to keep my ear to the ground for new music from both!