My first trip to Kung Fu Necktie was quite an experience. Having covered shows at Johnny Brenda’s and a few other venues around the area, I’ve walked by this place numerous times and always wanted to step in, something about a great atmosphere and rumors of better music. On short notice – actually, the afternoon of – I realized The Dig, whom I had discovered on Vimeo early this year (see ‘Sick Sad Morning’) were playing an early show with two other groups from New York, The Postelles and Ambassadors, at KFN. Here we go. One of my favorite bands with two others of simliar styles playing a small venue in Philly, and I can be home before I get stranded in Northern Liberties by the Market/Frankfurt Line (MFL…happens more than I’d like to admit).

Ambassadors opened the night, and I’m sad to say I missed all but their last song (Thanks, MFL.), but man can they play. Had a chance to hang out after the show and catch up with leadman Sam Harris, one of the nicest musicians I’ve ever talked with. I ended up buying their EP (on iTunes), and I’m happy to say that the playcounts for “Mirror Talk” and “Body Bag”, the two lead tracks from the EP, already are in the double digits. Ambassadors are in talks with a few labels and a few producers here and there; they’re coming back to Philly randomly throughout the next few months and I’ll be in the crowd. Stay tuned for their new full length album coming out soon. It’s hyped to be quite good, and just being held up by everyone wanting a piece of this new group.

Next up: The Dig, the band I came to see. I’ve had “Sick Sad Morning” and “He’s a Woman” in my head for months, both of which made it on their setlist. In fact, Ambassadors, The Dig, and The Postelles are now on a playlist together and it’s one of my go-to’s. The Dig more than groved out the whole time, playing other hits such as “You Said” and “You’re Already Gone”. Just off a long tour, they were playing one more show before heading back to NYC for a while. It’s always quite cool to see a band with the bassist on (usually) lead vocals; there’s just something about how they get into the music and Emile Mosseri fills the part. Their album Electric Toys is one of those you hit play and listen beginning to end, and over again. It seems via their Facebook page that the are playing a lot of shows at the Bowery Ballroom and similar venues, so if you’re in the New York area please, please get out to a show. I’ve apparently missed them a few times in Philadelphia, which won’t be happening again.

The Postelles were one of those bands on my radar for a while – I’ve had their EP, and liked the sufer-Brit-pop-esque mix such as “Stella” and “123 Stop”, their big hit. After the show, Daniel Balk, guitarist and lead singer, shares an interesting account of this song and record deals and why The Postelles decided to produce their new album (self titled, and released a few days befor the KFN show) as Indie. You can read the interview on the full account and what happened on Billboard. We hated to see them leave the stage, but alas it was an early show. Sadly it wasn’t one of those encore after encore nights for any band; in fact, each had short setlists which was quite unfortunate as this was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in months.

For more information and the band’s discography, check out their websites: The Postelles, The Dig, and Ambassadors.