Jeremy Joseph, a.k.a. Daddy Lion, has just released a colorful trippy  music video for his song The Scientist’s Lament as a part of his 2012 album Habitat. It’s a great tune and something definitely worth checking out!

“Daddy Lion is the solo bedroom recording project of Columbia, SC artist Jeremy Joseph. His debut full-length, Habitat, is a conglomerate of social criticisms and self-confessions set against a musical score awash with genre-hopping style and mid-tempo groove. Entirely self-recorded on Garageband, the record is intimately lo-fi, packed with warm guitar strings, crafted melodies, and sophisticated textures”. (Source: mojophenia) 

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9D-5I3lmVU’]

Check out the rest of the songs from Habitat here!

1. The Scientist’s Lament 03:21
2. Disconnected 03:03
3. The Driver 04:05
4. Electric Malaise 02:46
5. Samsara 02:56
6. Werewolf 02:34
7. Survivor’s Guilt 02:58
8. Uranium-235 04:34
9. No Solution But Resolution 02:45