From the remnants of Lancaster based band Rainchildren comes a new venture called The Stars Are Spies. Featuring three original members of Rainchildren, which recorded and toured extensively over a decade ago, the players reunited for some house concerts a while back and decided it was time to record new songs. Marty Shaughnessy still heads the band as lead vocalist and chief songwriter and is ably assisted by Steve Bridgeman on great lead guitar and a tight rhythm section featuring  original Rainchild Aaron Gagne on drums and the great Mike Bitts on Bass. The EP was recorded at Lancaster’s own Forgotten Genre studios under the capable helm of Anthony Guyer. The result is a warm, well played, and richly produced effort. Marty Shaughnessy’s strong vocals would be at home on any contemporary Country or Singer-Songwriter station and the excellent guitar of Mike Bridgeman adds just the right amount of soul and fire to the tunes. The first two tracks “Love Kills Everything” and “Feeling September” are definitely worthy of repeated listenings. For more info go to the band’s website or Facebook page.

Listen here