After releasing three successful E.P.’s, Those Mockingbirds have released their debut album, Penny The Dreadful, and they are holding nothing back.

Hailing from Montclair, New Jersey, this quintet band were held up in Wild Arctic Studios in Portsmouth, NH with engineers Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, MUTEMATH) and Dean Baltulonis (The Hold Steady) creating their finest effort to date. They collectively poured their souls out, which can be heard in the music and lyrics.

The opening track, “A Ballad From Hell”, starts off with an eerie acoustic guitar riff that feels like its going to set the tune for this track. Just as the bass kicks in, singer Adam Bird sings “Maybe we’re both going to Hell”. At this point the whole bands comes together as one and switches the tempo of the track into a catchy folk jam. After the first track the band definitely caught my curiosity and I wanted more.

“How To Rob A Bank”, the first single from the album and my personal favorite, is a fast paced, in your face jam. The drums and bass lines are very reminiscent of an old school punk tune. The chorus is a perfect sing along filled with group “Whoas” and repetitive lyrics. This must be a crowd favorite at their live shows.

those mocking

“Loose Leathers” is a track that really showcases the talents of the band. Thanks to guitarist Kyle Walters, the heavy distorted riff kicks the song into high gear. The chorus is a trade off between singers Adam Bird and Tory Anne Daines that is the heart and soul of the song. I could use more tracks with those two going back and forth for those two play off each other beautifully.

The rhythm duo of drummer Kevin Walters and bassist Rob Fitzgerald are the backbone of the band as those two compliment each other on every track. On “Bodies On The Road” those two create such a beautiful flow throughout the song until Kevin Walters unleashes furious drum fills in the chorus.

The closing track, “I Feel Like I Died”, brings us full circle with another eerie acoustic riff. This time however the track is accompanied by Daines haunting, yet beautiful violin work. It’s a perfect closer for the album as the song ends with group vocals singing “Goodbye, goodnight”.

A debut album like this is hard to come by these days as most bands are still trying to find their sound. I’m not saying this is a perfect album, there are still some kinks here and there that can be fixed and polished up. However, Those Mockingbirds have found their sound and know how to play to their strengths. The future is bright for this band, one that I personally will be looking forward to.