Does Queen really need an introduction? There was a dastardly battle raging within me; the goal was to determine whether I should just brush on Jazz or News Of The World. While I candidly enjoy Jazz as a musical album just a “tad” more; I have no issue claiming that News Of The World was their most transformative full album coming to the beginning of the decade. * I am being intense and critical after all; there are few bands today who can produce two albums within a year; none-the-less create one a year.


The album Sheer Heart Attack began their renaissance with “Killer Queen,” they met that challenge the following year with “A Night At The Opera’s” timeless pieces. You know… “You’re My Best Friend” and “The Bohemian Rhapsody.” While this achievement is not to be undermined, many find great difficulty giving A Day at The Races critical acclaim past the radio single “Somebody To Love.” This placed a healthy amount of pressure on Queen to deliver a consciously adamant effort to place a stamp in rock & roll.

Queen in 1978

Queen in 1978


Freddie Mercury had six times proved himself to create affectionate tone; it was an opportunity for this energy to be expressed beyond the precursor of the rock ballad. The road for the intimacy in rock & roll had been paved for Queen’s (and all of rock & roll’s) future. News of The World, seemed to be the perfect leverage to return to the grit that inspired the band’s formation.

The four tracks that stand apart from this re-discovered mettle belong to “All Dead, All Dead,” “Spread Your Wings,” “Who Needs You,” and “My Melancholy Blues,” which is single handedly my favorite B-Track that Queen has composed. It is truly a marvel to hear Mercury fluctuate from “It’s Late,” to only match the libidinous intensity in a seemingly effortless fashion.

[LISTEN] Queen – News of The World – Full Album


The first three tracks on the album feel like punches to the face. “We Will Rock You,” into “We Are The Champions,” followed by “Sheer Heart Attack.” I am inclined to believe that Queen was constantly making music, and only deciding within the year whether to put a track on the album or not. This would serve explanation why “Sheer Heart Attack” the track would come out four albums past the album titled “Sheer Heart Attack.”

Tracks like “Fight From The Inside,” and “Get Down, Make Love,” are resonant of the blues kick that ran rampant in the 70’s; still there are respective homages to the rock-a-billy foundation with “Sleeping On The Sidewalk.”


Listening to the album in synchronization is just a pleasant reminder that immaculate rock albums never cause stasis; rather they push you through waves of reflection. This album seemed to be the first full album where I felt they felt like putting tracks on they felt should make the album, as supposed to what would satisfy the masses. It turned out it was for better judgment!

Extra, extra! Hear all about it! News Of The World! Queen deserves your earbuds!