Some Girls is the first album to be number one in The United States, helming the Billboard Chart’s top song in the country “Miss You.” The album raises influence from the heavily disco era; and carries multiple tracks where the “Jagger Swagger” is an accompaniment for the album tone that takes liberty on riffing country without apology. This is especially true for the cover of “Just My Imagination” as well as “Far Away Eyes,” and “Before they Make Me Run.”


The guitars of Ronnie Wood, Bill Wyman’s light orchestral splash, and the solid Charlie Watts on drums allowed TheRolling Stones tremendous leverage digging into their old bag of tricks.

“When The Whip Comes Down,” appears on the album generating similar themes to Lou Reed’s songwriting. The emphasis of the track follows a gay prostitute in New York City as our protagonist. Which serves a justifiable match of energy and bluesy downbeat throughout the chorus.

“Some Girls”; plays on the controversy behind The Rolling Stone’s perversion towards women. Many found offense to Jagger proclaiming what females of racial identity are most notable for, still this humor tends to be in reflection of the backlash to “Brown Sugar” and “Under My Thumb.” The romantic side of the song is a profession that some girls have everything that “Jagger” could ever desire. This is heavily overlooked.

“Lies” is the half-way mark of the album. The Stones break down from the compulsions of being on the wrong end of lying and cheating from an ex-lover. While I have no understanding if the track is inspired, it definitely feels far more fun hearing about the band being exploited than the event itself.


[LISTEN] Rolling Stones Some Girls – Complete Album + Bonus

After “Far Away Eyes” begins Side-B, “Respectable” follows up with the classic Rock & Roll riff worthy of a duck walk. The pronouncement is for one’s independence being found through ascension of the ranks. The track feverishly inquires whether it was a meditated occurrence. Still the feel suggests the journey is trivial.

“Before they Make Me Run,” is the transformation of Keith Richard to Keith Richards. Having lived an illustrious lifestyle cultivating to a stint of chemical dependency, sets this track as a therapeutic turn if not acceptance of his past and future.
“Beast Of Burden” was initially concocted by Keith Richards, and later fulfilled through multiple jam sessions. A true gem is born when our narrator is humbled wanting to service a loved one, while he lacks any intuition to do so. This is a track where the Rolling Stones had infused art into this jam. This is one of the top all-time “Stones” songs.

Having missed many cues of acceptance of the punk movement, I feel “Shattered” is the original attempt to reach this sentiment on a more spread platform. New York serves as the ideal playground through which to bare witness of the changes. “Shattered” is a cry for attention but a delicately uplifting one. While there are far less political messages in this track than most punk tracks, I find this to be one of the most connective styles the “Stones” have experimented with.


The Rolling Stones - NYC 1978

The Rolling Stones – NYC 1978


Some Girls is an amazing album that has a little bit of something for everybody. The album dips in between an exceptional creative space allowing more expansion of multiple styles to identify the album as uniquely Rock & Roll. It delivers on it’s ability to make a fresh take on how we perceive it.