-WASH, DC 11/23 – Chris Swisher

Tim Kasher drew an intimate crowd at the recently opened Red Palace (formerly The Red and The Black) in DC last week.  While Kasher fans arrived admittedly longing to see Cursive, they certainly weren’t disappointed with the front man’s current side project performing a set of mostly new songs from the recently released album, The Game Of Monogamy.  Kasher, noted for his strong vocals, was backed by a cello, trumpet, drums, and keyboards, all of which shared in the moody and often Dramatic (with a capital D) arrangements Kasher is known and loved for.  While Kasher drew the crowd, the band as a whole played a tight, crisp, and clean set utilizing a wide array of instruments and mixed in several musical styles to showcase more than the standard indie band sound.  Longtime fans were treated to “You’re No Fool” from Kasher’s former band The Good Life, as well as “The Recluse” and “Driftwood” from his days (on hold) with Cursive.

The set felt anything but rushed, and the crowd was transfixed by even the slightest note or fuzz coming from the stage. Between almost every song, after the crowd cheer died down in anticipation for the next song, came an odd thing…absolute silence.  It was so quiet you could literally hear someone across the room drink his beer because nobody spoke or moved (except for one clueless drunk guy at the bar who wouldn’t stop jabbering).  Perhaps it’s just DC, but I’ve often noticed a lack of outward enthusiasm by the crowd at many shows.  Perhaps it was the new venue, not having carved out it’s own vibe yet.  Perhaps it was the somewhat small crowd given it was just 2 days before Thanksgiving.  Perhaps it was the atmosphere created by folksy opener Darren Hanlon, who noted how “polite” the crowd was.  In any case, the silence added to the intimacy of the occasion, allowing for some dialogue between the audience and Kasher discussing how long it had been since his last DC area visit.  A super fan in the front center frankly stated “a year and a half” as if he had been disappointingly counting the days.  Later, someone sarcastically asked “Hey weren’t you in Cursive?” which drew some laughs and cheers before Kasher responded “Oh…I think I see what’s going on…logistics, time,…the past” while acknowledging his newer bandmates as they jumped back into the set from his new David Bowie inspired album.

With performances of “Just Don’t Get Caught”, “There Must Be Something I’ve Lost”, and “Grown Man”, of special note was “I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here” where it all came together and they rocked out.  The Good Life, Cursive, or not, Tim Kasher fans are die-hard and loyal regardless of who he’s playing with. –Chris Swisher

York, PA- 12/2 – Stephanie Seiple

Tri State Indie also had a chance to catch Tim at the Strand Capitol Theatre on Thursday 12/2 in York, PA. On this date Tim Kasher was opening for Minus The Bear. WXPN member supported, public radio was plugging this show for weeks and the station was actually there representing by welcoming people as they entered the show. The venue was about 3/4 full when Kasher took the stage. And, at this show too, very silent during Tim’s set. But in between songs lots of claps, cheers, hoots and hollars. The Strand is a real theatre which is very beautiful, with no standing floor option, so the crowd was seated during Kasher’s set. Something I don’t think he’s used to especially when playing with Cursive or The Good Life. But for Tim’s solo show, I think it was a nice compliment to his very personal lyrics and beautiful string arrangements on a lot of his tracks. The songs still had the “drama”, which is what Kasher classifies his music’s genre as on Facebook. But, I felt this show was a very exposed and real Tim Kasher, even more so then TIm in his pervious bands. Tim’s album was ‘Bowie inspired’ and they did play a Bowie cover as well as the Cursive track, “The Recluse”. But I kept getting reminded of The Cure in while listening for some reason.  I’ve been a Cursive fan for years, so my oppionion might be byist, but I loved Tim’s set and enjoyed him better then the headliner, Minus The Bear. Tim made me melt in my seat with his open naked revelance and I’d def go see Tim Kasher solo again. He did receive a standing ovation from a few at the end of his set, so I guess I was not the only Tim lover in the audience. – Stephanie Seiple

Pics by TSI’s own Rich McKie