When I get Todd on the phone I can feel his enthusiasm for the festival he is co-promoting with Plus Vibes Productions that takes place this weekend rushing through the phone.”Last year’s festival was only one day and it wasn’t enough so we expanded it to two”.”The venue[Blue Falls Grove] is just amazingly beautiful and the owners liked how we handled things last year so they were happy to have us return”.Last year the music consited of mostly local bands but this years line-up has expanded to include regional touring acts like Natural Breakdown,Cabinet,Mike Miz and Buzz Universe.The idea for the festival comes out of Todd’s passion for animals.All proceeds go to the Humane Society of Berks County.The passing of Todd’s brother Booby in 2008 at the untimely age of 44 was really the catalyst that put things in motion.”Bobby had an unconditional love for all animals and would routinely and anonymously drop of bags of dog or cat food to the humane society”.Strangers Helping Strangers will also be conducting a food drive to benefit Berks Women In Crisis a Reading based shelter for abused women.Besides the great live music other events include live painting from the Route 222 Crew and Jonathon”Crazy Red Beard” Blake,Hooping,Glass Blowing, Fire Blowing and Tie Dye Workshops.Todd has also arranged for some folks who do Vibrational  Massage to come down from Vermont and offer their services free to attendees.This event sounds incredible!There will be various craft vendors as well.The event is family friendly so bring the kids.More info is available  by calling Todd at 610-678-6357 or by going to www.myspace.com/jamminfortheanimals.