My picks are people I know. Yes, I am a biased writer but at least I am honest about it. It is not that I know these Artists, it is that I am actually a fan of these artists. I have seen them more than once and have experienced their captivating performances. Without their live shows they would be just another band on the bill, a seat filler at the Grammies, a Music Row chicken writer (seriously though, check out this story about a chicken on Music Row).  Without further adieu, I present my top 5 (indie) picks for Midpoint Music Festival this Year of the Horse.

5. All Them Witches (Nashville)
When you first turn on ATW’s EP Effervescent, you might think its a mistake that there is only one song and on top of that its 25 minutes long. Huh? But with the recent vinyl revival it’s not so crazy a band would make a statement on bandcamp about how people should listen to music. They rock. And they roll. Serious psychedelic show that out performed The Features and Capital Cities at Nashville’s Live on the Green when rain began pouring down they battled through to captivat an audience that was there for them. Dont miss this one.

Where & When: The Drinkery, Friday, 9/26 at 11:00 PM

4. Quiet Life (Portland)
Ok, I lied. I have never seen this band but the resume speaks for itself. Jim James and Cary Ann Hurst signing on their last EP House Broken Man. Dr Dog produced their upcoming record due out in the Spring. AND they are kinda sorta from Philly, or live there or have like tons of friends there?

Where & When: Mr. Pitifuls, Saturday, 9/27 at 10:30 PM

3. Pujol (Nashville)
Ok, another lie. No more, I promise. But this guy is persistent. It took me 5 years living in Nashville hearing Pujol this and Pujol that to finally give him a chance and I get it now. He gives it all. He says it all. He’s unforgiving to you and himself. He is a true artist and you should catch him now before you sells out (do it bro). Check out Kludge his latest release on Saddle Creek and revel in his high energy nerd rock. PLUS his video for Youniverse was shot at Circle Thrift in Philly. Pujol loves Philly. Philly loves Pujol.

Where & When: Mainstay Rock Bar, Saturday, 9/27 at 10:00 PM

2. The Ridges (Athens)
This is not your ordinary Folky-Loomineer-Mumford-and-Sons-Cello-Driven band. These guys fuckin’ rock. Seriously. I thought I was at a punk show and they were opening for Kishi Bashi! They were engaging. They were catchy. They were everything a band should be when you see them live. Do not underestimate these folkys to get you reved up before Low Cut Connie hits the stage. Look out.

Where & When: Memorial Hall, Saturday, 9/27 at 9:15 PM

1. Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia)
Boogie woogie blues boppers. Have a date that likes to dance? Go here. Like Jerry Lee Lewis? See this. Drink beer? Drink here. Whatever you do, do not miss these hooligans rip up the stage for their second year in a row at Mid Point.

Low Cut Connie

Where & When: Midpoint Midway, Saturday, 9/27 at 9:45PM

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what Emily chose as her must-see bands at MPMF (She’s always wrong).

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