Adrianna: Hey Sarah! Firefly is only one day away! Both of us will be there all weekend, taking in the Firefly experience and bringing all the best back to our Tri State Indie followers. Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year’s Festival?


Sarah: Hey Adrianna, I am so pumped for this festival ­­– this will be my first Firefly experience and the lineup is pretty great, if I do say so myself. I saw Kongos at the Radio 104.5 Block Party last weekend and it got me pretty amped for their set at Firefly. They had every person in the crowd asking why they weren’t headlining that show, so I think a venue like Firefly will feed the fuel for an even better show!

Who is your ‘can’t miss’ band?


A: Well, you are right about the lineup – tons of great music spanning the popular genres. It’s gonna be a fun weekend trying to catch so many bands! I’d have to say my ‘can’t miss’ band is The Weeks. I caught their show at North Star Bar last month, and those Mississippi boys are on top of their indie rock game right now. I’ve been playing their newest album Dear Bo Jackson over and over.

What are some bands that you’ve never seen before that you want to check out at Firefly?


S: There are definitely some bands I’ve never seen that I’ll be making sure not to miss this weekend; Portugal. The Man & Bad Things are a couple. I’m into snowboarding, so I’m dying to see Shaun White on a different type of stage! That’s one of the best parts of being at a festival, you are bound to find new music, have the opportunity to hear bands you’ve been waiting for and you get to do it all outside.

As a firefly veteran do you have any tips on hitting up all the bands that you want to see?


A: Veteran?! Ouch! Is that a comment about my age? HA! I’ll take that as a reference to my festival-going experience and say that my best advice to see all the bands that you want to see is to not eat or sleep or stop moving at ANY point throughout the weekend. Just kidding, with a festival as large as Firefly it is impossible to see it all! And this year with 2 added stages, it will be even harder to see everything you want to see. My real advice is to mix it up… Prioritize your ‘must-see’ bands and throw in a few wild cards along the way. And my other pro tip: Don’t start drinking early in the day. Rookie mistake. Start drinking too early and you won’t be awake to shake it like a Polaroid picture along to “Hey-Ya” with Outkast Saturday night. That said, I will have some tough choices to make this weekend with conflicting sets between Girl Talk and White Denim on Friday night, and also Boy & Bear and Tune-Yards on Saturday afternoon.

How about local bands at Firefly? Who’s representing the Tri-State area? There’s no way I’m going to miss New Sweden, Delaware’s home-grown folk boys. I’m glad to see them getting a spot at a festival this large. They’ll even have copies of their new EP, The Fabric Room for sale before it’s released.


S: It’s always a pleasure to talk about the local acts representing the Tri-State area at big shows. One of the up-and-coming artists that was chosen to perform on the Big Break Stage is actually a PA native. Christian Porter was one of 2,500 musical acts that tried for a chance to perform on the stage, and after having competed in the top 15, will be one of three unsigned artists performing so that will definitely be cool to see. Cruiser and Amos Lee are two more PA natives that will be performing at the fest. Amos Lee will be a great set to hit to chill out a bit before seeing Local Natives on Thursday night. Cruiser will bring that summer vibe with songs like, “Kidnap Me.” One of the bands repping NJ is Bleachers featuring Jack Antonoff of Fun. You tell me you can’t sing the hook of “I Wanna Get Better” and I’ll tell you you’re lying. As we all know, the tri-state area is a powerhouse of talent and there are tons of bands that prove that at Firefly!


A: Thanks Sarah! It’s going to be a great festival, that’s for sure. Stay tuned to TSI all weekend for Firefly coverage, bringing you band recaps, photos, and interviews.