Bruce Warren – WXPN
George Miller – Jump Magazine
Andrew Miller – Sunny Day Music
Jen Corsilli – AEG LIVE
Becca    Lane – Becca Lane Media
Chris Ward – Johnny Brendas

Brian Wilkins – Cyber PR
Stephanie Seiple – Tri State Indie
Brian Cronin – New Mirror Image & That Mag
Q.D. Tran – The Deli Philly
Dan Reed – WXPN
Jesse Lundy – Philly Folksong Society
Rich McKie – Tri State Indie
Jay Tran – Rock Paper Records
James Thorpe – The Legendary Dobbs
Josh T. Landow – Y-Not Radio
Ryan Crump – Philly Drum Project
John Vettese – WXPN The Key
Mandy Dollar – WHYY
Laura Wilson – World Cafe Live
Michael Males – My Rural Radio
Fryth Genetti – Lancaster Dispensing Company
Jessy Hamel – PA Ren. Fair
Kyle Costill – BITBY
Aaron Ford – The Orchard
Joshua Lennon – Philly Folksong Society
Kevin Kennedy – The Swollen Fox
Lisa Schwartz – Philly Folksong Society
Brandee Nichols – Philly Mostly Vegan
Alvin Clay – iRadio Philly
Elizabeth Hess – The Keswick Theatre
JACK HEDGES – Canvasback Music @ Atlantic Records
Jeff Bundy – WHYY
Liz Schiller – The TLA & Tower Theatre
Bob Rose – Festival Promoter
Greg Mungan – Johnny Brendas
Marley McNamara – World Cafe Live
Jason    Mundok – The Woodstove House
Sam Campbell –
Randy Bucksner – Tri State Indie
Dane Fallon – Tri State Indie
Barry Lindenmuth – Tri State Indie
Autumn Walden – Tri State Indie
Sam  Reese – Tri State Indie

Dillon Minacci – Tri State Indie
JJ Sheffer – Tri State Indie
Sean Curry – Tri State Indie
Keanan Barbour-March – Tri State Indie
Alex Ocko – Tri State Indie
Michael Mauger – Tri State Indie
David    Gerz – Tri State Indie
Adam    Quinn – Tri State Indie
Jordan Capizzi – Tri State Indie